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Bangladesh is a developing country, in this country high priced consumer goods are discouraged, like car. As per the Bangladesh living standard, car industry not buildup properly yet locally. Still this car or vehicle sector totally depends on foreign import, where Bangladeshi government impose high volume tax on brand new car import. As a result reconditioned or pre-used cars are very popular in Bangladesh. Due to the relatively low prices, many middle class peoples are able to buy these used cars, where government tax is less than new. Reconditioned means second-hand cars it is true, but not exactly second-hand or used, which is refurbish by the brand.

Although almost all the world prominent car brands are doing business in Bangladesh, but brand new car demand still few. Very recently some of relevantly cheap new cars are going to popular in Bangladesh market, especially middle or lower middle class peoples are looking this kinds of relevantly cheap brand new car. In the other, who are able to spend at list 12 lacks taka for this purpose, he is going to buy a refurbish branded car.

So many obstacle here in Bangladesh to sell a brand new car. First of all government tax, which is very high for higher engine cc brand new car or even lower engine cc brand new car. Secondly very few of local people here in Bangladesh, who has ability to buy a brand new car. Thirdly local rural roads are not suitable for a car. Below we have mentioned car import tax in Bangladesh.

Car Import Govt. Tax Table for Bangladesh;

Vehicle Engine CC From - ToGovt. Tax
Car Engine cc 0 - 100091%
Car Engine cc 1001 - 1500130%
Car Engine cc 1501 - 2000215%
Car Engine cc 2001 - 2750370%
Car Engine cc 2751 - 4000602%

Tax for Importing Microbus

Microbus Engine cc 0 - 1800130%
Microbus Engine cc 1801 - 2000153%

Tax for Importing Hybrid Car

Hybrid Car Engine cc 0- 2500153%

All the world prominent car brands are here in Bangladesh market, we have mentioned above separately one by one all the car price in Bangladesh including full specifications. A visitor can find easily car latest price in Bangladesh by following this landing page.

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