Suzuki Car Price in Bangladesh

Suzuki is a world famous brand name based on Japan, especially Suzuki is famous for two wheeler and four wheeler motor vehicle. Suzuki founded is a small seacoast village by Mr. Hamamatsu in 1909. Suzuki made their first product named Weaving Looms in 1929 which is for Japan’s giant silk industry. At the same time Mr. Michio Suzuki invented a new system weaving machine, gradually the machine gain popularity in silk industry worldwide. First 30 years Suzuki mainly focused and develop the same machine. After that Suzuki concentrate to passenger car.

Maruti Udyog Limited is an Indian Government company which founded in 1981. Only reason is to establish this company is to merge with the Japanese automobile company Suzuki in 1982. This is we mentioned here because all the Suzuki car we have seen in Bangladesh, which is form Maruti Suzuki’s Indian factory.

Maruti Suzuki gifted so many successful car models in Bangladesh, such as Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 which is a popular family car in Bangladesh. Basically Maruti Suzuki focus on low cost car manufacturing with standard quality. As a result we have found some of standard level cheap car in Bangladesh like Suzuki Alto 800, Suzuki Omni, Suzuki WagonR etc. Mainly Suzuki focus on that car manufacturing, which will be suitable for south Asian market, especially for India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. In this points of view, Suzuki is fully success. Already they made some of cheap car and got popularity in this south Asian area. Recently Suzuki concentrate on premium quality car, and they made Suzuki Artiga, Suzuki Grand Vitara etc.

Rancon Motors Limited, which is the sole distributor and local business partner of Maruti Suzuki in Bangladesh. Rancon Motors also a well-known company in Bangladesh. They are supporting Suzuki locally as well.

Here in this page below we have mention almost all the Suzuki car price in Bangladesh, as well as quick specifications.

Suzuki Car Price List for Bangladesh;

Suzuki CarCar Engine Price in BD
Suzuki Omni Microbus800 ccBDT.8,15,000
Suzuki Omni Cargo Van800 ccBDT.8,50,000
Suzuki EECO Ambulance1200 ccBDT.12,95,000
Suzuki Super Carry Turbo800 ccBDT.8,75,000
Suzuki Alto Lxi900 ccBDT.8,65,000
Suzuki Alto K-10 A/T1300 ccBDT.11,50,000
Suzuki Jypsy King Jeep1300 ccBDT.20,90,000
Suzuki WagonR M/T1000 ccBDT.12,75,000
Suzuki WagonR VXI AGS 1L1000 ccBDT.13,50,000
Suzuki WagonR ZXI 1.2L1200 ccBDT.14,25,000
Suzuki Ritz1200 ccBDT.14,75,000
Suzuki Swift VXI M/T1200 ccBDT.13,75,000
Suzuki Desire Swift ZXI1200 ccBDT.16,50,000
Suzuki Desire M/T1200 ccBDT.15,95,000
Suzuki Desire A/T1200 ccBDT.18,50,000
Suzuki Desire AGS1300 ccBDT.17,30,000
Suzuki Ciaz ZXI,ZXI+1000 ccBDT.21,95,000
Suzuki Ciaz GL Delta1500 ccBDT.21,00,000
Suzuki Ciaz GLX Alpha1500 ccBDT.24,00,000
Suzuki Ertiga VXI1462 ccBDT.21,65,000
Suzuki Ertiga ZXI‎1462 ccBDT.23,50,000
Suzuki APV Microbus1600 ccBDT.26,30,000
Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0L Jeep2000 ccBDT.47,50,000
Suzuki Baleno Alpha1200 ccBDT.19,75,000
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