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Top 7 Driving Safety Tips

In highway road or city road, where ever you drive, there is huge risk if you are not aware about driving safety. Here we have mentioned below top 7 driving safety rules.

1. Practice Proper Safety: Proper safety practice may save you from danger. So always wear seat belt properly and keep your vehicle 100% feet and perfect.

2. Focus on your Driving: Do not think other things while driving. Keep your concentration 100% on driving. Do not try to use mobile phone or any other device while driving.

3. Defensive Driving: Try to be respective and defensive on road. Do not try to overtake most often without proper situation.

4. Read Situation: Be aware of what other vehicles around you are doing, always be ready for unexpected thinks. Also be aware about weather, pedestrian as well as signal.

5. Respect Local low: First of all learn about local traffic law, and follow properly. Be careful about signal.

6. Never Drive: Please do not drive when you are drunk, when you are sleepy or physically you are not feet.

7. Parking: Proper parking also a part of safety, do not park your vehicle here and there, always try to park a proper parking place.

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Do Not Forget
to wear seat belts while driving
drive vehicle with full concentration
Respect Law
respect local law while driving
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