Road Safety Hazard

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At present, a kind of fear is spreading in the global vehicle sector. Whether it is Two Wheeler or Four Wheeler, almost the same foundation is working in both the sectors. One of the most notable of these is Safety Yes Personal Safety. (Personal safety while driving). Again, due to lack of proper knowledge about private vehicles, car buyers are often deceived in various ways. Again, many car buyers are often cheated because they do not know about the car. So we can say that the root cause of this instability in the automotive sector is-

Socail Works Objective-

1. Being indifferent about vehicle and personal safety.

2. Don't know about the vehicle as well in advance.

3. Don't even know the exact current price of the car or motorcycle.

4. Details about valid driving license

5. Awareness of potential dangers on the road.

6. Details about defensive driving.

The main goal of is to make the public aware of these issues at the national and international level and to work towards this goal. With this goal in mind, signed an agreement with, a very popular motorcycle website in the Philippines. It is important to note that issues related to the safety of the global vehicle sector, personal safety issues in this sector, and information about the exact current price of a motorcycle or car, etc. has already started working according to that logic. With this they have started a massive campaign in the Philippines. Of which, it is worth mentioning that to work for the protection of vehicle or personal safety.

Officials at also said they would not limit their activities to the Philippines, but in the future the activities would be conducted worldwide to ensure 100% vehicle and personal safety. Anyone can visit the website to see the detailed progress of the proposed minutes.

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Do Not Forget
to wear seat belts while driving
drive vehicle with full concentration
Respect Law
respect local law while driving
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